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Hiking in the Snow (Suffern-Bear Trail)

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

When I set off to hike the Suffern-Bear Trail I was hoping to do it in two days, sleeping in a tent overnight and then finishing it the next day. But, the temperature dropped lower than I expected, and I had to leave the trail after a cold night. When I arrived home I also realized that I was quite physically unprepared for the second day.

The 3 things I've learned from this experience.

  1. A cold wind is a big problem - have the equipment to counter it.

  2. Learn how to set up the tent lower to the ground to prevent draft.

  3. Don't carry so much water on a trail where supply is abundant.


I joined Archie Luxury and the rest of the Cardinals from the top of the mountain for a live stream and wrist-watch talk. Luckily I was well roasted in the comment section for my stupidity which kept me quite warm through the night.

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