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New Year's 2022 Resolution

Welcome to my 2022 resolutions list, guys!!

I can now unequivocally say that the 2021 list was a total flop, but mostly because of how drastically my interests changed and the opportunities that presented themselves throughout the year.

This is a NEW list written with the help of the community!

  1. STOP Hoarding (except Rolex and Patek and AP)

  2. Health Plan - Lose Weight 195 to 170

  3. Finish Last Supper Painting

  4. Redo the emoji

  5. Business Plan - Figure out a format that works for me.

  6. Get an AP 15500 or Patek 5167

  7. Get 10,000k Subscribers on YouTube and IG

  8. Forums -> ADD Whist-Shot Shouts to the Show!

  9. Make 12 High-Quality Films for the Wrist-Watch Community

  10. Go to LWS 2022

  11. Go to Brighton Watch Show (Paul Thorpe)

  12. Napa Valley Trip (Mike The Sanke + William Munny) / Korea Trip / Visit L&S w/ Higgins

  13. Make Vegas 2022 Happen!

  14. Hike "The Arizona Trail" and "The Colorado Trail"

  15. Make roommate wife again. (not likely though)

  16. Step up merch game!!!! - Make Quality non-itchy t-shirts! Nato?

  17. Write a book: "12 Rules to Watch Collecting in the Modern World"

  18. Set up bi-monthly NEW YORK Watch Meetups

  19. Be more careful on the gonzo streams.

  20. Have Fun

It will be "The Communities" job to make sure we are able to accomplish these goals.

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