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Rolex Explorer II - 3 Reasons Why It Could Be Your Only Watch

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Not every watch could be a "One-And-Done." Because that's a hard job for a single watch.

It needs to look proper in every scenario: from a board room meeting to climbing up the Mt. Kilimanjaro.

It needs to be functional enough, but not too complicated. Although a simple hour-and-minute watch seem like it would make for a perfect lifetime companion, the addition of a date complication helps a lot in everyday life. I can't count how many times I looked at my wrist with disappointment trying to check the date, when wearing a watch without one.

Finally, It needs to be available. There are many watches that could be a one-and-done if money is no problem, but when the cost and availability are taken into consideration then limitations become apparent. Watch the video below to find out my opinion on the Rolex Explorer II 42mm Ref. 216570, and why I believe it could be your one-and-done watch.

These are my reasons why I believe Rolex Explorer II 42mm Ref. 216570 could make a great one-and-done watch.

  1. It's beautiful - a well proportioned and balanced watch, with an all-brushed steel case and a choice of two dial colors, black or white.

  2. It's a functional watch. It's got a date, GMT hand, 100 meters of water resistance, safety clasp, and easy link extension. Although a lot of watches have these complications and features, no one executes them as well as Rolex.

  3. It's still available. Being a the bottom of the Rolex "Professional" Steel Sports range makes this watch kind-of a "dog", but because of the Rolex shortage, even this watch is becoming quickly unattainable. Currently, it is going for about a 10% premium on the secondhand market during the writing of this blog.

Those are my reasons, but I can't wait to hear your opinion, so please leave a comment below or on my YouTube Channel. Cheers.

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