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The Community Vegas Watch Week (Apr 22-28)

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Hey guys, I'm once again going to Vegas, If you would like to meet up, chill, and talk watches get in touch with me.

Apr 22: Flying in at noon. - Late Night Fun

Apr 23: Community Day 1

Apr 24: Community Day 2

Apr 25: 8PM Lily Bar & Lounge - Ballagio

Apr 26: Racing Through Desert

Apr 27: Flying Drones with Chris

Apr 28: Leaving at 10 PM.

Can I survive this experience?? I hope so, and I will try to LIVESTREAM as much as I can, but also I will try to make a MOVIE out of this experience.

If you would like to help please PayPal:

I will include you in the credits and will try to get a postcard from Vegas for everyone who helped. Cheers!

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