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Hello, dear subscribers, London Watch Show week is right around the corner so I would now like to post my schedule, so that you can come out and meet me and the Pontiff!

Wed 16th: Me and Archie will be flying in and will be picked up by Paul Thorpe from the airport and taken to the hotel. Depending on how tired Archie will be it’s possible that he will be able to do a small meet and greet dinner in SoHo with some of the most loyal viewers! If you are interested in this private even contact me now.

Thur 17th: A whole day with Archie and Tim. We will be looking to visit Bond Str, hit a few boutiques, pubs, and cigar shops. We will be having Lunch and dinner!

London Watch Show!

Fri 18th: We will be moving over to Grovsnever Hotel, having lunch with the Punters before the VIP meet together at the Watch Show!

Sat 19th: Easiest day to meet Archie and Tim as we will be at the London Watch Show whole day before leaving for dinner.

Sun 20: Last day of the LWS but still great time to hang especially around lunch time as everyone will be sleeping in and hung over from Saturday night.

Mon 21th: Last opportunity to meet the Pontiff for an exclusive intimate one-on-one Lunch or Dinner. Monday is also when my Roommate arrives in London, although she will most likely be very tired and not interested in doing anything too difficult.

Tue 22: Archie leaves London. Tim is staying with the roommate to show her London and all the sights. If anyone is interested in hanging out with us and help guide us around London sights, please let me know.

Wed-Sun 27: Tim will be showing the Roommate around London sights.

If you wanna meet up for any of the events then please email me as soon as possible, as we will be trying to keep parties as small as possible and there are a lot of people that would like to meet Archie and talk watches.