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Hello, wrist-watch community, I am pleased to announce the following schedule!

  1. Oct. 22 - 24 I will be attending Watchtime New York. (Tickets are selling out fast!) I will be meeting several fans of the Livestream, so if you are interested in joining us please get in touch. The same goes for all of the events on this list!

  2. Oct. 28 - Nov 4 I will be in Vegas! Meeting up with @realcarsandchrono and @whorology

  3. Nov 9 - Nov 15 I will be flying to London for a BQ Watches Winter Fair to hang out with Spencer and Paul Thorpe and do live streams of the London Pub Crawl!

  4. Nov XX - Dec XX I will be going to California

  5. Dec XX - Dec XX I will be doing a road trip to Florida!

I will be updating this list as I get more information. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me here, or on Instagram.


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